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Questions about Veneers

My question: is some of the veneer work covered under insurance and do i have to have all of my teeth done? what are of cost veneers? Sandi Dr. Parker

Hi Sandi, You asked three questions and I will answer them in order:

1) Most insurance benefit plans consider veneers cosmetic, and they would not be a covered benefit.However, if you have had previous extensive dental work done on the teeth that need veneers, your dentist could submit it as a 3/4 crown and try to get you some coverage.

2) You and your dentist will have to decide how many teeth need to be done. Have your dentist show side view photos of yourself to see how broad your smile is, this is a view you normally can not see, but it shows how other people see you. I help my patients make a decision based on photos, a diagnostic mock up, their goals, and budget . In my office some people elect to do the upper front 6, or 8, or 10 teeth, some people also will elect to do the lower 6-8 front teeth.

3) The cost of veneers can vary depending on many factors including area of the country, Dr. experience and expertice, lab costs, and other overhead costs.I would say an average range is from $900 t0 $2000, per veneer. I would strongly recommend that you have your Dr do tiral or mock veneers first to see if you like them, this adds to the cost but is worth it.

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