Lumineers: Reshape Your Smile the Easy Way

If you're nervous about the process of getting traditional dental veneers, many top dentists are now recommending the new Lumineers ® porcelain veneers.

Traditional veneers require that your natural teeth be filed and ground down considerably to accommodate the veneer cap. The process is irreversible and can be uncomfortable. Not so with Luminers ®.

How are Lumineers ® different from other veneers?

Because Lumineers ® are as thin as contact lenses, we can apply them to your teeth without any grinding or shaping. Your natural teeth just need to be moderately etched to provide a good bonding surface.

Your new, naturally beautiful smile can be created in just one or two visits. And Lumineers ® can even be placed over your existing crown or bridgework.

If you're embarrassed by chipped, stained, misaligned or discolored teeth, ask us about Luminers ® now. You don't have to live with less than perfect teeth. And there's no need to worry about anesthetics, because the process is not painful.

Many of those beautiful smiles you've been admiring could really be Lumineers - ask us today about how easy and affordable your new smile can be with these new veneers.

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Jim Du Molin

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